Thrive Report Card

Free, easy, instant analysis for better trading performance

Not ready to downalod? Try Thrive Report Card OnlineBeta

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Easy to set up, download the free application, just load your TradeStation performance report or MT4 statement file and view an instant overview in a dashboard style and click through to view details.

Independent and unbiased statistical analysis of trading history with charts and helpful explanations. Report Card clearly helps visualize key aspects of your trades, such as what is or is not working for you.

Easy to understand probability gauge with optimal times to trade, likely profit from next trades, acceptable levels of volatility and in general make better informed decisions and identify key focus areas.

You can find minimum requirements on the main page. In case of any issues you can check our Thrive Reporter Troubleshooting Guide or FAQ page as they apply to the Report Card as well. Feel free to contact us via or submit a free-form bug report to