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Thrive Reporter: FAQ

1) What source files do you support?

We currently support TradeStation performance and MetaTrader 4 statement and optimization reports. There is also work in progress to copy-paste orders or trades from a loosely formed table e.g. MS Excel or TradeStation orders.

2) What source files do you plan to support?

We are planning to add support for MetaTrader 5 and NinjaTrader reports.

3) How can I get information about what a statistical value means?

You can right click on each statistic value and a short description will be displayed.

4)Is any data uploaded to your servers ? If not, why does the software requires an Internet connection ?

No data is uploaded, all processing takes place on your machine. The Internet connection is required for authentication. No other data is retrieved from your machine.

5) What is the difference between loading and adding source report ?

Loading is going to replace the current profile data with the data from the selected file. Adding is going to add the data from the selected file to the profile data. Adding will only keep the unique trades (if the same trade is found in 2 files which are added, only one copy of it will be kept).

6) How many profiles can be created ?

Currently, 4.

7) Can a profile be saved ?

Not at the moment, it's gonna come soon.

8) What do I need to have installed to run the software ?

Java Runtime 1.5+ and JavaFX 1.3.1. Due to their licenses, we cannot distribute them with the software, but they are available as free downloads. Java: and JavaFx:

9) How can I install the software ?

The recommended option is using Java Web Start: You need to access this link ThriveReporter . It will automatically download, install and update the software. The process is smooth most of the times, but sometimes it can hang. If you have any problems, please visit Getting Started. As an alternative, we will provide installers for 3 different platforms in short time.

10) How much RAM do I need to have ?

Depending on the amount of data loaded, between 256 MB to 1 GB.

11) I have problems with the webstart version, it seems it's not updated.

Please visit Getting Started to see how to remove your copy. To install the latest, you need to access this link ThriveReporter.

12) Sometimes I get disconnected and asked for username and password, what happens ?

The authentication of your credentials is done in the background. If it fails, you'll be prompter with the login popup. Reasons for failure might be an Internet connection problem or logging in from a different machine. Only one user can be logged at a time with the same credentials. If you think it's neither case, please contact our Technical Support.

13) I've forgotten my username and password, what can I do ?

Please contact our Technical Support.

14) What kind of formats do you support for exporting the report ?

Currently PDF, but we plan to add support for HTML, RichText, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, CSV.

15) What is Synthetic Data ?

A list of trades which are randomly generated. It's a great tool to check the features of the reporter without requiring personal data.

16) What is the counter and time-line in Overview ?

It allows you to select how the chart will be created from the list of trades. In case of counter, the X-axis will contain the index of the trades in the list of trades. This means there won't be any gaps, as trades are one the other. In case of time-line, the X-axis will contain the time interval in which the trades occurred, hence there might be gaps if not all trades are performed at the same time interval. As a result, the charts will look different in these cases. Time-line is to be used when you want to analyze the performance of trades in a time interval, while counter is to be used when you want to analyze a sequence of trades and you don't want to involve the trade date.

17) What is the different between "Net Profit" and "Statistics" ?

Net Profit will display the chart and the statistics for all trades/long trades/short trades. Statistics will contain the statistics calculated for all trades, and the chart will contain a line for all trades/long trades/short trades.

18) What is the Workbench for ?

It contains the tools to build different charts and filter the trades.

19) What is +, D and R doing in the Workbench charts ?

The chart you see is the active one. Once you change any parameters, the chart will be updated. If you want to keep the chart, you have to click +, and a copy will be created underneath. By clicking D, the chart will be copied to the Dashboard and by clicking R will be copied in the Report design view.

20) How can I keep the chart that I create ? When I change the parameters, the previous is gone.

Please check number 19). You need to copy it in the same window by hitting +.